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Money Monday: I’ve Got Five On It

I am not the best at saving money, nor am I the worst. The part I do struggle with is consistency. Rather than “pay myself first” with each paycheck, I end up over-saving when money is flush, and under-saving at all when it is tight. […]

You’re Worth It Wednesday: Coffee Grinder Edition

Up until recently, I had a bit of a coffee shop addiction. I was spending $5 a pop, at least three times a week, on an iced latte that was basically a glass of milk with a shot of espresso in it. (I say that […]

August Favorites

August Favorites

I had a friend post a photo of pumpkins to Instagram with the caption, “Fall is almost here!” Rude.  It is still summer, and I will be wearing my open toe sandals at least until the first frost. Though turtleneck sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes […]