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Money Monday: I’ve Got Five On It

I am not the best at saving money, nor am I the worst. The part I do struggle with is consistency. Rather than “pay myself first” with each paycheck, I end up over-saving when money is flush, and under-saving at all when it is tight. For the month of September, I am going to do the $5 bill experiment, where I don’t spend the $5 bills that I get as change and instead bank them away. I don’t use cash a ton, but figuring I get at an average of two $5 bills back as change a week, that’s at least $45 to save for a rainy day. Over the course of the year that’s $540 saved passively, not even factoring in the magic of compound interest! This is definitely not my main means for saving, but rather a way to ramp it up without feeling much of a pinch on my pocket book. I’ll let you know how it plays out!

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