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You’re Worth It Wednesday: Coffee Grinder Edition

Up until recently, I had a bit of a coffee shop addiction. I was spending $5 a pop, at least three times a week, on an iced latte that was basically a glass of milk with a shot of espresso in it. (I say that like it’s a bad thing. It was a delicious thing.) That’s $780, which could be spent on better things that my caffeine dependency. I had coffee and a coffee maker at home, but my game was weak. I’d buy whatever ground coffee was on sale and call it a day. Usually it was passable, sometimes it was almost good, but it was no wonder that I was skipping my cup of joe at home in favor of something palatable. Short of buying a ten thousand dollar Clover machine to pull the espresso shots of my dreams, I decided I’d up my game by buying and grinding my own beans.


I can buy a $15 bag of fresh, awesome beans at a bougie coffee shop and those will last for about two weeks. I was a bit intimidated by buying a coffee grinder (a quick Google search lead me to believe that $90 was a steal for one), but ended up going with the cheapest, highest rated one I could find on Amazon. And you know what? It gets the job done. I can almost be certain that I’ll get too big for my britches and one day lust for the smooth, even grind of a Burr, but this small, less than $20 purchase is saving me $15 a week, and it has increased my quality of life at least tenfold.

I bought the Krups F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder for $17.60 on Amazon. It was worth every penny. You’re worth every penny, too.

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